Love for natural materials and handwork still remains our main priority. MWood is an enterprise based on family traditions cherishing its values with a long lasting experience in the wood processing. We appreciate the past, for that reason  the knowledge from past generations is being transformed and presented  to  our clients in more modern way.

Mission: We believe that our home environment can define  who we are and what we are up to, so our purpose is to ensure that MWood clients will always stay original and interesting. Our made furniture and decor details definitely have their point of view:  table here is no longer just a coffee table for its matter , it can become a part of an interesting conversation. We create by certain principles like quality and originality : the furniture must not only be functional but have  a distinct history as well.

Areas: we are specializing in the industrial furniture from industrial spools, palettes and boxes as well as, furniture and accessories made from stumps and balks. Mwood brings new life to antiques and old furniture by applying them to more convenient and useful.

Every piece of furniture made by MWOOD is a distinct and unrepeatable.